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World Courier – The most trusted specialty logistics company in the world

World Courier at a Glance: World Courier instils confidence with logistics and supply chain programs that are in complete alignment with your business goals, as well as industry expertise and best practices, experienced personnel and global reach with local resources that ensure timely delivery, optimal handling and reduced risk for critical products.

Companies trust us to transport and store their time- and temperature-sensitive products because they value the peace of mind that comes with our unsurpassed knowledge, global reach and flawless supply chain execution. Each trusted partnership we form with a customer is deeply rooted in our shared vision of improving global health, and it starts with gaining a holistic understanding of the strategic business objectives. With this knowledge in hand, we design and execute world-class logistics processes that mitigate risk, maximize the return on R&D investments and advance medicine. No other specialty logistics company has the experienced personnel, global offices and in-market expertise required to ensure the optimal handling, transport and delivery of vital healthcare products.

When trust is absolutely essential, there's only one choice: World Courier.

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Cell and Gene Therapy

World Courier's experience and global network helps clients working with Cell and Gene Therapies define and mitigate risk. Our key role within 15,000+ clinical trials has helped inform rigorous quality standards and special handling requirements for shipments under refrigerated, frozen and cryogenic conditions.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring integrity of the product, chain-of-condition documentation and custody validation
  • Crafting technical and quality Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Applying leading-edge software solutions for product data monitoring
  • Maintaining a fully GxP compliant network


The first innovation from World Courier's Climate Optimisation and Research Engineering (CORE) Labs delivers peace of mind for shippers of large-scale and temperature-sensitive materials.

Cocoon capabilities include:

  • Reduces total shipment costs while ensuring shipment security
  • Maintains temperature up to 40% longer than comparable products on the market while weighing up to 30 percent less
  • Cost-effective and ecologically friendly compared to active systems
  • A proven option for maximum reliability, quality and performance at the greatest value

Personalized Supply Chain: Direct-to-Patient

By combining Medical Research Network's (MRN) expertise as an innovator in at-home clinical trials and World Courier's standing as the world leader in specialty logistics, clinical trial researchers finally have a way to improve both the recruitment and retention of qualified patients for their studies.

MRN, through its global nursing networks:

  • Manages at-home clinical trials worldwide
  • Administers patient treatments
  • Conducts essential procedures at patient homes e.g. blood sampling

World Courier:

  • Manages an integrated supply chain
  • Coordinates all deliveries
  • Provides better access to clinical trial patients

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Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution

World Courier ensures products and samples are delivered on time and in optimal condition, we also provide the clinical development community with services that enhance the performance of their R&D investments. We help you improve product access and achieve optimal business outcomes with timely delivery of high-value products, unsurpassed knowledge and proven processes.

With company-owned GMP-compliant facilities, comprehensive SOPs and a proprietary CTM management software system, our 14 investigational drug storage depots help customers access the most demanding regulatory environments. Strategically located to reach the fastest growing emerging markets, our depots offer an unparalleled service, including comparator sourcing and commercial drug storage in many locations.

Rely on World Courier for:

  • Full GMP-compliant storage facilities with validated areas for investigational drugs and medical devices
  • Certification of: MAWB, Certificate of Analysis, Commercial Invoices, Packing List, etc.
  • Same-day or next-day delivery to all intra-country locations in accordance with the documentation of each IVRS and sponsor's requirements
  • Immediate confirmation of delivery with time, date and name of the individual accepting the shipment

If you would like more information about World Courier and the products and services we can provide, contact us:

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