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PRA Health Sciences - Drug Development Solutions

PRA Health Sciences delivers innovative drug development solutions that improve patients’ lives. Our people are passionate about clinical research, working tirelessly to provide quality results for clients. We offer exceptional experience across all phases, therapeutic areas and a broad spectrum of solutions, ranging from full-service clinical development to our pioneering embedded model.

With over 10,000 employees covering more than 80 countries, we bolster an impressive global presence with keen local insights. Our project teams harness their understanding of local regulations, standards of care and cultural customs to effectively align our approaches with each study's unique goals.

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Clinical research experience

As a top five clinical research organisation, we have worked on over 100 marketed drugs across several therapeutic areas and conducted the pivotal or supportive trials that led to FDA and/or international regulatory approval of over 50 such drugs.

Clinical trials in China

WuXiPRA provides comprehensive clinical research services for all major territories. With with more 300 staff in 15 cities and six offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Hong Kong, our China operations offer the necessary depth of global resources and technical support to support studies of any size and scope.

Bioanalytical laboratory

PRA's GLP-compliant bioanalytical laboratories are strategically located close to our phase I clinical research centres to facilitate an innovative working collaboration that enables time-critical results to be analysed within rapid turnaround timeframes. This efficient analysis service enables clients to advance studies to the next phase much faster, and clearly differentiates our bioanalytical laboratories and clinical pharmacology units as centres of excellence.


Clinical pharmacology

Our early development services group is committed to the highest standards of clinical excellence and scientific expertise. We operate state-of-the-art clinical research centres in the Netherlands and North America as well as an innovative patient pharmacology model in Central and Eastern Europe, providing the biopharmaceutical industry with a unique scientific environment required for complex compound development and testing.

Clinical development

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting phase II-III clinical development for sponsors across a range of compounds, from niche treatments to blockbuster drugs and biosimilars treatments. Through our global reach, innovative technologies, flexible approach and scientific expertise, we help you navigate your R&D dilemmas by skillfully executing complex, global studies across a range of therapeutic areas.

Strategic solutions

As the pioneer of the Embedded Solutions™ model, we have mastered the art of elegant transformation as sponsors re-align their operating model to more efficiently manage their development portfolio with greater flexibility and control. Our custom-built development solutions empower companies with limited infrastructure to leverage our extensive experience to bring innovative new approaches that enhance quality, streamline development processes and improve efficiency. For those sponsors desiring a functional service provider (FSP) model, we bring years of experience in this method.

Post marketing research

PRA's dedicated post-marketing research group is a global leader in the design, management and execution of observational research studies, registries, and retrospective research for pharmaceutical, device and biotech companies. Our scientific expertise and operational excellence enable our project teams to provide the full spectrum of services necessary to meet each programme's unique objectives, such as safety mandates, health outcomes/economics, payer support and compelling publications.

Safety and risk management

PRA's safety and risk management group has an impeccable record of providing a comprehensive range of pharmacovigilance services throughout the product lifecycle. We provide global coverage with six centralised drug safety centres in Europe, Asia and the Americas to ensure patient safety and ultimately save resources. Our safety and risk management teams work in a cross-functional fashion with other solution areas such as post-marketing and therapeutic expertise to better assist clients in the effective management of their drug safety information.

Clinical informatics

PRA's global clinical informatics group understands how to use the power of data-driven decision making to deliver high-quality services from development through to market. By employing state-of-the-art technologies and approaches, we support clients' projects with an innovative and effective operational model, while providing insightful access to study data, metrics and industry-standard delivery models.

Clinical diagnostics

We are a global leader specialising in all phases of diagnostic research, from discovery, development and validation, to commercialisation, with experts on staff to conduct research in the US, EU and Asia Pacific regions. Our diverse experience in this area provides our clients with a level of comfort because we understand that these are not drug development studies. We understand the importance of clinical in-vitro diagnostic and biomarker research for the greater good of healthcare. Our central monitoring approach and comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory environments help to speed up study timelines, focus on patient outcomes and optimise your clinical sample quality.

Our history

PRA Health Sciences (PRA) was founded in 1976 as the Anti-Inflammatory Drug Study Group in Charlottesville, Virginia, US. Renamed PRA in 1982, we established ourselves as a data-management contract research organisation (CRO). After a number of strategic decisions to enhance our service offerings, we became PRA Health Sciences in June 2014, incorporating partnerships and acquisitions formed throughout the previous two years.


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