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Who else knows your protein better than you? Who else knows proteins interactions better than us?

Protein interaction technology

Hybrigenics Services

Hybrigenics Services is a complete solution service provider of cutting-edge technologies dedicated to the study of protein interactions.

Our cDNA library screening platform, originally developed to discover protein-protein interactions using the Yeast Two-Hybrid technology has been adapted to many other applications, including target identification.

We propose a Chemical Yeast Three-Hybrid technology to screen a bioactive small molecule with a cDNA library and identify its protein targets in a given cell line or tissue.

Our screening platform also allows for the discovery of DNA-protein and RNA-protein interactions.

We have more than 90 libraries available from various tissues and cell lines of human, rodent, plant, bacteria, crops and many other organisms.

More recently, Hybrigenics Services launched HYBRIBODY, a range of services for single-domain antibody selection and validation. Our company offers to select antibodies derived from a fully synthetic humanized VHH library and to validate them in in vitro and in vivo applications (ELISA, IF, Intrabody etc.).

At Hybrigenics Services, we are convinced that working in collaboration with our customers is the best way to share our knowledge and to accelerate research. To better feel the needs and expectations of the scientist contacting us, we favour a direct approach by phone or email with dedicated teams. Discussion is crucial for us to advise you on the most adequate offer so please contact us.

Hybrigenics Services is recognised as the worldwide protein interactions expert. More than 1,800 researchers in top ranking universities, biotech and pharmaceutical companies have trusted us to accelerate their discovery programs - be the next one and benefit from 15 years of expertise that will really make a difference.


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