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BARC - Global Central Laboratory

With 25 years experience supporting clinical trials, BARC is an independent global central laboratory that supports the life sciences industry in the development and approval of new therapeutic agents by managing the laboratory component of phase I-IV clinical trials.

BARC has assisted the pharmaceutical industry by delivering quality laboratory data in bringing new drugs to the market

BARC merged with Cerba European Lab, one of the largest diagnostic networks in Europe that includes the Cerba Laboratory, one of Europe's leading esoteric testing centers thereby providing access to state of the art technologies and biomarker development possibilities.

Cerba European Lab reflects the synergy of Laboratoire Cerba specialized laboratory, founded in 1967, with over 90 local clinical pathology laboratories serving a population of millions inhabitants.

With its 1,800 collaborators focused on the same goal for providing patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies with the best healthcare service, Cerba European Lab is highly involved in setting up the most demanding quality standards worldwide.

Cerba European Lab's global presence also develops through the EMEA and Asian markets with representatives meeting the same quality standards.

BARC provides over 3,000 tests and expert scientists in all therapeutic areas with routine and specialized medical laboratories operating those tests on a daily basis for diagnosis, therapeutic follow-up and residual disease management.

BARC is committed to serving as a thorough resource, offering both safety and esoteric testing while providing the highest quality standards and rapid delivery of laboratory data. Worldwide testing is performed on equivalent instrumentation and integrated into a single global database with identical reference ranges and reports.

A global network of clinical laboratories

As BARC has grown over the years, the company has created a worldwide network of clinical laboratories in:

  • The Americas
  • Europe
  • South Africa
  • Asia Pacific

The focus...

BARC's focus is on flexibility, with a service orientation towards sponsors, CRO's and investigators, to ensure swift set-up and a flawless operation. BARC's strong focus on repeat business from their clients is their testament to exceeding expectations and delivering on commitments.

BARC have performed central lab work with companies ranging from small biotechs to large pharma companies and actively collaborate with their customers to offer a bespoke service based on the clients' needs.

At BARC, technology transfer is more than a service, it's a culture. That is why our customers entrust us with the implementation of new assays and techniques into our routine to seamlessly perform their lab work with quality-driven and yet flexible processes.


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