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Crystallics - Leaders in Solid Form Screening & Selection, Preformulation & Formulation

Crystallics are leaders in solid form screening and selection, preformulation and formulation design. Over the last 12 years, the vast majority of large and medium size pharmaceutical companies, as well as, many smaller biotechnology companies have commissioned work with Crystallics.

Specialized in identification, characterization and selection of the physical forms of drug substances

Crystallics was founded in the year 2000 and is a science driven contract research organization (CRO) specialized in identification, characterization and selection of the physical forms of drug substances, as well as preformulation and formulation services for the pharmaceutical industry.


A pioneer in the field of solid state and under the name of Avantium Pharma, Crystallics developed a number of unique and proprietary technologies. These technologies include the vertical transmission X-ray powder diffraction technology with multiwell plate analysis and the proprietary 'shaking' method of the well plate (x,y movement) which enables a much faster analysis of the samples.

Currently the only CRO holding a license from the inventor to use these technologies

Crystallics focuses on the following keys to success:

  • Tailored, science based approach to meet the needs of the customer and their compound
  • Comprehensive solid state chemistry support from lead optimization to late stage development and product life-cycle management
  • Flexibility in screen size, experimental set-up, reporting and business model
  • Diversity through rational experimental design, solvent & counter-ions selection, crystallization modes and conditions and characterization techniques
  • Proprietary technology & know-how enhancing productivity and ultimately speed to market
  • Uniquely integrated crystallization workflow, patented well plate technology, proprietary XRPD set-up, and other proprietary techniques
  • In-house developed informatics including Experimental Design Software (Aspect) and eReporting
  • Smart intellectual property insights and advice
  • Experienced & knowledge team of scientists
  • >600 projects over more than 12 year
  • High proportion of repeat business
  • Project leaders with PhDs in crystallography and organic synthetic chemistry


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