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Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) - Providing Intelligent Sensor Solutions to Life Science Manufacturers

Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) is a reliable partner for industry-oriented research and development in the area of intelligent sensor systems and one of Austrians leading research competence centres.

CTR provides a full range of R&D services and development for the life sciences, medical, automation, and manufacturing industries.

Intelligent sensor solutions

The R&D center helps companies to optimise existing procedures and develop new intelligent sensor solutions in the field of automated process and quality control. CTR is a link between science and industry using the latest findings to make products and production processes simpler, faster, safer and more effective.

Core competences:

  • Optical sensor systems
  • SAW sensor systems
  • Photonic microsystems

Optical sensors, sensor prototypes and software development

Optical sensors (UV–VIS–NIR–MIR), spectral imaging, imaging spectroscopy, machine vison and image processing, x-ray, raman imaging, terahertz (THz) imaging spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, chemometry, statistical classification, sensor prototypes and software development, algorithms, expertise in handling and automation technologies, optical simulation and design, microsystems, micro-optical systems (MEMS/MOEMS), wireless sensing and identification tasks.

R&D services

CTR delivers in-depth expertise at every stage of implementation - from feasibility studies, conception and design through prototyping, simulation and testing to finished system and product solutions. The team at CTR includes electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, computer scientists, telemetry and mechatronics experts. The R&D expertise is aimed at customer-oriented requirements and focuses on project-benefit and exploitation.

Medical / pharmaceutical applications

  • Evaluation of skin lesions with spectral imaging
  • Fully automated chemical process interpretation
  • Multimode-detection platform with integrated image processing
  • Analysis of unmixed hyper-spectral M-FISH images for supporting breast cancer treatment decision
  • Automated inspection system of stents
  • MEMS-based high-speed FT-IR spectrometer - a new platform for real-time IR-spectroscopy and process control
  • Multi-analyse in-situ process control of industrial biopharmaceutical microorganism fermentations
  • Light induced time-resolved flow-flash FTIR investigation in micro-mixing cells

Business partners: Beckman Coulter, Bruker, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ortner Reinraumtechnik, Unisensor, Siemens, Wild Austria, Wolf, Roche Diagnostics.

Scientific partners: Fraunhofer Institut für Mikroelektronische Schaltungen und Systeme (D), Technische Universität Clausthal (D), Danish Technology Institute (DK), Technische Universität Wien (A).


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