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Axiom Real Time Metrics - EDC Solutions

As experts in EDC products and implementation, we help simplify the potential challenges of using EDC. We assist with technology, personnel and process.

The EDC revolution has arrived. We believe that you should be able to get intuitive products that are feature rich for a fraction of the cost of a "traditional" EDC solution.

Have Axiom configure your studies. Work with an EDC vendor that understands clinical research, rapidly implements intuitive eCRFs and web-based randomisation. Have Axiom configure your studies for as low as $29,000 per EDC project.

Or build your own study using drag and drop tools that anyone can learn rapidly. No programming experience needed. Build studies starting at $14,950 per study. Nothing is easier, more feature rich, or less expensive than Axiom.

Work with an EDC vendor that truly understands the potential ROI of EDC for CROs. Have Axiom complete the eCRF implementation, or take Axiom eBuilder in-house. No EDC vendor will provide better service, support or EDC technology than Axiom.

Focus on the clinical research, not the technology necessary to conduct it

We enable our clients to focus on the mission of clinical research, without being forced to constantly adapt to complex, unfriendly EDC technology.

Regulatory compliance

Axiom is constantly focused on ensuring that clients can achieve regulatory compliance when using Axiom's EDC products and systems. We recognise that it is critical to support regulatory compliance with industry regulations and associated guidance that govern its activities and continually and actively monitor compliance with such governance.

Quality and regulatory compliance are achieved through many elements, including:

  • Detailed, robust quality management system governing Axiom's EDC product SDLC, deployment and implementation, hosting infrastructure
  • Regular reviews of internal and external solutions
  • Supplier and internal audit process
  • Detailed QMS and SOPs, providing direct evidence of compliance with regulations
  • Regular and proactive monitoring of regulations and guidelines
  • External and internal Regulatory Compliance workshops and associated documentation
  • Integrated QMS/Regulatory team representing all facets of our business

Manage virtually every aspect of your clinical trial with the most intuitive, cost-effective and complete toolset. The EDC revolution has arrived. Ready to use in days, not months.

How to get started

  1. Contact Axiom personnel for a tour of our EDC solutions.
  2. Choose the EDC tools that best suits your clinical research needs.
  3. Complete the service agreement/contract details.
  4. Get started with Axiom in days.
  5. Start building templates and studies or have Axiom implement your clinical trial needs.

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