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ADVANCELL - Advanced Nanomedicine for Treatment of Unmet Medical Needs

ADVANCELL is an emerging Spanish biotechnology focused on the development of promising drug candidates with significant commercial potential in oncology, dermatology and neurology indications. We create these new product opportunities by leveraging our innovative nanosystems technology and by in-licensing promising projects at a pre-clinical stage.

Pic 1In both cases, we are open to approaches from parties interested in collaboration. ADVANCELL has currently several programs in clinical development and pursues a series of preclinical opportunities, both proprietary and in collaboration. The Company headquarters are located in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), Barcelona, and its nanosystems laboratory is in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Pic 2ADVANCELL has developed a proprietary and patent protected technology (which trade name is Dermosome Technology®) to (re)formulate drug candidates that have been identified internally, or in collaboration with our partners. Our technology utilizes polysaccharides and other excipients to generate nanosystems that confer new properties the active ingredient, thereby creating nanomedicines that will result in benefits to patients (e.g. increased efficacy, better safety, or more convenient dosing). Based on the properties of our technology, our nanosystems are suited to formulate small molecule drugs; proteins or peptides; antibodies or fragments thereof; as well as nucleic acids for dermal or mucosal delivery.


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