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Health Alert Communications presents new study on AIDS epidemic

PBR Staff Writer Published 21 January 2011

Health Alert Communications, a source of clinical, scientific, and regulatory text for biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and medical product companies, has published a new report on AIDS epidemic.

The report, 'HIV/AIDS: The Jennings Report - Redefining the Size, Scope, and Scale of the AIDS Epidemic by Forensic Review of the Medical Literature,' synthesizes the scientific and medical literature to conceptually redefine the size, scale and scope of the AIDS epidemic and related markets.

The report offers alternative perspective for decision-makers responsible for funding endeavors related to HIV-related products and/or interventions.

Health Alert Communications author and proprietor Chris Jennings said a series of interlocking fallacies have distorted scientific and public perceptions of HIV and the AIDS epidemic, such that scientific and medical data are viewed through a warped lens.

"The scientific literature is clear: New York City is the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic; the theory that HIV came from monkeys is a fallacy (the theory that AIDS originated in African monkeys arose from an incident of laboratory contamination); and the African AIDS epidemic-as-holocaust never manifested," Jennings said.