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EnGenelC enters into research collaboration with Takeda

Published 11 October 2016

EnGeneIC has entered into a research collaboration with, and granted an exclusive licence option to, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to develop its EDV nanocell platform for targeted cyto-immunotherapy in cancer.

Under the collaboration, Takeda will provide EnGeneIC with an upfront access fee and research funding to explore the feasibility of the EDV technology for the development of immunomodulatory candidates for oncology.

EnGeneIC will conduct research and develop targeted EDVs that carry molecules which can modulate the immune system.

EnGeneIC joint CEO Dr. Jennifer MacDiarmid said: “The EDV stimulates the innate and potentially the adaptive immune system in its own right since it is bacterially derived.

"This collaboration with the first-class scientific team at Takeda is an exciting opportunity for EnGeneIC to demonstrate that our EDV platform can also deliver an immunotherapeutic payload.”

Takeda signed agreements with EnGeneIC through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

Source: Company Press Release